Making beer in 3 simple steps.

Making a beer is easy but anyways not everybody can make it.

The first step is to gather and prepare all the necessary stuff in order to make the beer. We are talking about delicately and carefully chosen ingredients which are mixed with great attention and love. The basic equipment which is needed for beer making at your own is: a fermenter + airlock, a funnel, a sanitizer, Auto - Siphon, Stir Spoon, Beer Recipe Kit (or all the individual ingredients) and a brewing kettle.

The second step

The second step is the key element of the beer making process

The second step is all about sanitizing and sanitizing. The quality of the beer depends on how clean the equipment is. After the sanitizing comes the brewing. All the ingredients should gently be put in the kettle with a certain amount of water and to be brewed. After brewing a fluid called sugar water is obtained. It is called wort. The wort should be cooled as soon as possible. It is usually done by ice packs or with a special cooling equipment which can do the cooling in a very short amount of time. Once the cooling is done we are free to proceed to the last step of beer making.

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Check the video process

The third step is the last step towards perfection

This is the last step which should create an ideal beer product. It is called fermentation. Fermentation is the most important process when making a beer. The cold wort should be added to the fermenter after all the equipment has been well sanitized. Once the wort is in the fermenter a yeast should be added. After the yeast the fermenter is closed with the airlock and stored in a dark and cold place until the bottling time comes.

Horsy is not only about the beer

Our beer and our music are the most important things when coming here however they are not the only ones. At our place you can listen to some rock and roll but you can also enjoy some other activities like mountain biking or driving a quad.

These are cool sports which we decided to implement because it is a nice area for biking and hiking.

The area is really cool and can be used for developing sports like this. Since 5 years ago we have 10 fully equipped mountain bikes which can be rented.

Since last year there are also 5 quads which can be used on customers' own responsibility.

The important thing to know when biking in the mountains is that you should maintain the momentum and stay loose.

What is important to know when riding a mountain bike

However the most important thing is to check the bike first. Check the brakes and the tyres because you don’t want any problems in the middle of nowhere. Be careful you can meet some traffic even in the mountains.

The most important thing there is to know about quads is that they are not easy to ride. Not at all.

What is important to know when riding a quad

You should be sure that you are strong enough to turn the wheel. Also chekc the brakes and have someone explain the basic driving rules.

This is a guided tour which is organised by Horsy.

A roadtrip to the technical museum in Bistra

For some small amount of money we can arrange a ride an a tour of the technical museum. It is a cool place which has a lot of things to offer.

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All the cool bands which have played in Horsy

HORSY - the place for cool local bands

Van gogh

Van Gogh is one of the coolest rock bands on the Balkans. Formed in Serbia the rock all around the Balkans and around Europe.

We asked Van Gogh what brought them to this random place and they said: “They called us and they said that they will pay. We said why not. It was so cool and so unique to play there. We hope to repeat the gig.”


Taboo is a well known Slovenian band which plays post rock music. They are among the favorites in Ljubljana and around. Horsy had the honor to host them too.

On the question what was the atmosphere like in Horsy, the members of Taboo answered: “Ou it was incredible. My friend knew the place and he said it would be so cool if you played there. We went together and concluded that it is the most unique place for a concert, so we called the owner and arranged the concert. It was a night to remember.”


Adastra is a croatian rock band. They were the first to play at Horsy. The atmosphere was crazy and cool. There was no place for people to stand.

“The owner is a friend of mine. He asked us to give a small concert on the opening day. I said sure why not. We brought the speakers and everything. However, it was not a small concert, it was a big party.” - Says David from Adastra.


Sladkor is another well known rock band in Slovenia. It has existed for a very short amount of time but became very famous.

The members of Sladkor said: “It is a great honor to play at Horsy. We even request the gigs because it makes us feel good. There is always a nice atmosphere and the people know how to have fun. We also like the beer here.”


Arhangel is the most famous rock band formed in Macedonia. Their music is well known all around the balkans. We also had the honor to host them here in Horsy.

When asked about the experience in Horsy, one of the members of Arhangel said: “When they called us and said come and play in Slovenia, we thought it was somewhere in the capital. But it wasn't. I still can not believe that this cool place can be in the middle of nowhere. It is a long drive but it is worth it.”

Why is our beer so coo

Our homemade beer is cool because we have kept the tradition. It is a recipe which has been shared for generations and generations. It is a closed family process which will remain unknown for the outside world which can only admire and enjoy the taste of our beer. Here at Horsy we pay great attention to the cliningless and the delicacy of the whole process in order to obtain a perfect product in the end.

The beer can not be found in the shops

It is true the beer cannot be found in any of the shops and supermarkets. That is because we do not make any exports. All the beer we make is sold in the pub. Even people from other cities come to buy it so there is nothing left for the shops. If you want to try it you should visit us here.

Acceptable price and well known quality

The quality is excellent and the price is acceptable. We make tasty and affordable beer for all rockers and for everybody who feels rocky. Do not hesitate to visit us.