How was the idea of this cool place born

Here is all you need to know

The idea of this bar was born long ago on a cold December night. Today’s owner of the bar just came home from a long trip. He was a truck driver who passed the hours on the roads. He concluded that Slovenia doesn’t have a cool place where a driver can stop and have some beer and some fun. That is why he decided that he should be the first to give Slovenia this kind of a place.

The beginning

The beginning was like every beginning. It was hard to convince his family that a place like this can succeed. He fought with his wife who, as every other person, preferred the safety and security of a regular paycheck more than a strange bar in a random place. However, after a while his whole family was on board and the first preparations started. The old truck was sold and new cool chairs for the bar were bought. The chairs were the first thing they bought. The first step towards a cool story in the middle of nowhere in a random part of Slovenia.

The story continued

After the chairs other things were bought. The flags, the bikes, the tables and all the other cool additions to this place. The idea started developing into a cool story which promised to last long. The walls were painted, the maps were put on the walls. The place started getting its look. Step by step, brick by brick the dream became a reality. The bar was opened on 11th of November in 2011. Adastra, a band from Croatia was the first band to play here. It was a wonderful night which everybody from this place remembers.

The successful story continues

Horsy has existed for almost ten years now. It has a well known clientele and people who come from all around the country just to try the homemade beer and wine and to enjoy some good barbecue ribs. They decided to expand by buying bikes for rent and quads. It is an ideal environment for riding bikes and quads. This place offers a great potential and Horsy is willing to use it. There are also organised trips to Bistra and guided tours to the technical museum.

It is easy and simple to find us

PRESERNOVA CESTA, 75, Bistra, Slovenia

Telephone number:


Call from 9 a.m. to 11p.m.


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